Effective Preventions for Chronic Prostatitis

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by ritamay123 on Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:04 am

Effective Preventions for Chronic Prostatitis

Repeated attacks of chronic prostatitis bring a lot of trouble to many males; therefore, effective treatment measures are needed. At present, it is considered that quinolones have a strong ability to penetrate the prostate capsule and can reach the effective concentration of bacteriostasis and sterilization in the prostate. Besides, a herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can also be chosen for treatment.

Although it can achieve a satisfactory effect, nevertheless, it is more important to improve the bad diet and living habits for prevention.

1. Quit drinking and avoid irritating and spicy food

Alcohol and spicy food can stimulate the prostate and urethra, cause the blood vessels of the prostate gland to be congested and dilated, so as to reduce the resistance of the prostate, and at the same time, it will cause discomfort of the urethra or burning sensation in the process of urination.

These foods can not only aggravate the symptoms but also conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the prostate. Therefore, to avoid drinking and eating a lot of spicy food is an important means to prevent chronic prostatitis.

2. Moderate exercise

Sedentary habit, cycling, motorcycle, horse riding, and other cross riding actions can slow down the blood circulation, especially the slow blood circulation of the prostate, which directly leads to congestion of the prostate, deposition of metabolites, blockage of the prostate gland duct, which is not conducive to the discharge of prostatic secretion and reduces the resistance, ultimately leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.

Therefore, in daily life, it is advised to try not to stay sedentary for a long time. Those who are engaged in sedentary occupations should have a proper rest and activity at regular intervals, and often change their posture, which can reduce prostate congestion.

The time of cycling should be controlled within 30 minutes each time, if the cycling time is long, they can have a proper rest or live in the middle of the ride; the seat and car seat shall be soft and comfortable as far as possible, which can reduce the pressure and reduce the congestion of prostate.

3. Regular sexual life

Proper and regular sexual life and regular excretion of prostatic fluid can relieve tension, promote the continuous renewal of prostatic fluid, slow down or avoid the growth of bacteria in the prostate, and contribute to the normal play of prostate function and the rehabilitation of patients with abnormal prostate function.

However, when the prostate is congested repeatedly, the resistance of the body often decreases, which on the contrary promotes chronic prostatitis.

4. Keep a good personal hygiene

Dirt is easy to hide in the prostate area, and ventilation is poor, so it should be cleaned frequently to avoid bacterial infection, especially in the scrotal area and the inner part of the foreskin, there are many sweat glands and large retractility, which is conducive for bacteria to grow.

5. Drink more water

Drink more water every day not only can prevent prostatitis, but also has the role of auxiliary treatment of chronic prostatitis. The prostatic fluid produced by the prostate will be discharged to the urethral orifice. The longer the prostatic fluid stays in the urethra, the more likely it is to induce prostate infection.

Regular drinking of water will increase the number of urinations. When urinating, the prostatic fluid can be discharged.

6. Timely treatment of infection focus

The pathogenic microorganisms that cause prostatitis are often the ones from other infected parts of the body that invade through various ways (such as blood, lymph, etc.). Active treatment of infection focus in all parts of the body can effectively prevent prostate infection.

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Re: Effective Preventions for Chronic Prostatitis


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