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Feeling a burning sensation in my prostate after masturbing

Postby notyourbusinesssomeone on Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:35 am

I'm a sixteen years old teenager. I've been masturbing since the age of 14. In the summer, i started doing it with soap, which made my urethra painful. Then, I saw the doctor, she told me i should stop it and drink a lot of water. I did what she said, I hadn't masturbed for like 2 weeks l, drank a lot of water and the pain passed away. When I felt alright, i started masturbing again. However, it wasn't only masturbing. I used a homemade sex toy, in vulgar sense, it's called 'homemade pussy.'
I didn't use a bottle, i just put the rubber band on the glove, so the rubber band put a strong pressure on my follicles. I used it two times. However, they regenerated. A few months ago, a started to feel a burning sensation for a few seconds in my prostate after masturbing. Urinating is also a bit sore for like 2 or 3 days after ejaculation. When my penis is sore and i start urinating, the flow stops for a second and then, it starts again.

So my symptoms:

Burning sensation in the prostate for a few         seconds after ejaculation and sometimes, I can even feel a strange feeling there for a few days.

Feeling sore when I'm urinating. Usually, it's only at the beginning, when the flow starts. It also stops at the beginning of the flow and then, the flow starts again.
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