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Re: Self catheterization

Postby GinAnPlatonic on Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:37 pm

noworries wrote:I have been diagnosed with BPH and am on wait list for NHS surgery. Have just started self cath and it's going well, but I'm wondering why I can no longer pee naturally when I have the urge to? Is this normal? I was able to pee before having an indwelling cath for two days about a week ago and then getting started on self cath. Thanks!

I know it was a while back you posted this but I too have stopped peeing normally, even though at those times it was never enough. I`m hoping I can start again and making attempts at drinking more up to maybe
2ltrs a day and see if it helps, even though my nurse tells me it is best to keep fluid intake down and only drink 1to 1.5 litrs (just doesn`t feel like it is enough to me). I am not keen on the idea of relying totally on using an intermittent catheter, while I wait to see what plan of action is proposed for my enlarged prostate.
If you read this maybe you would let me know how you are getting along and if you found an answer to your question....
regards Geoff
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