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Postby hil6221 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:45 am

Following on from my posting in April entitled “Hernia Following Radical Prostatectomy” I felt an update would perhaps benefit anyone who will be going through a prostatectomy in the near future.

My partner’s operation was a Robot Assisted Prostatectomy and he was discharged from hospital the following day but was not given any after-care advice, neither in writing or verbally. As the surgery was keyhole he felt very little pain from the small scar near his navel, although he had a catheter in for just over 2 weeks which stopped him being able to do a lot of ‘everyday’ things.

Once the catheter was out he felt able to live life relatively normally again and started driving (allbeit an automatic car) lifting, carrying and other everyday tasks which caused him no pain.

By March when we had a very brief follow up meeting with the surgeon who gave him the all clear, the scar was hard to the touch but not prominent. Assuming this was normal scar tissue he didn’t mention it to the surgeon (who didn’t examine him anyway) and shortly after that a lump appeared. His doctor diagnosed a hernia and 3 months on he is still waiting for surgery and the lump is getting steadily bigger.

The General Surgeon who examined him recently said he could get his fist in the hole and the operation was going to be a long and difficult one, and gave him a waiting time for the operation of about 9 months minimum. When he asked about having the operation performed privately to reduce the waiting time, he was told it could only be done in an NHS hospital as this operation requires facilities not available in a private hospital.

The moral of this story is….when you’re not given aftercare advice by the hospital, don’t assume you don’t need it.
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Postby peterpan1951 on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:20 am

Have you had the operation yet? How did it go?
My partner has had a prostatectomy which was successful but following this he had several urinary infections. After a few weeks he became an emergency problem as he couldnt pass urine and had to have a catheter fitted. On follow up with his surgeon he explained that there were 2 diverticulas (hernias) in the bladder. He now has 1 month treatment (Tablets) and then goes back. If he then needs surgery this will be delicate and no certainty of success. At the moment he has a catheter fitted. We now seem to have to face having a catheter permanently.
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