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Urinary System

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:25 pm
by Geoffrey
I am 67 and have two symptoms of Benign Protatic Hyperplasia, (BPH), which are urinary frequency and low flow rate, (6-8 ml/sec.). I have had a Cystocopy which has indicated a Prostate problem but a subsequent Ultrasound exam has shown no BPH and no urinary retention. The suspicion is that I have an over active bladder. I am taking VERICARE which is the medication to relax the bladder allowing more space for it to fill and thereby reducing the frequency of voiding and presumably increasing flow rate due to increased gravitational force from a fuller bladder.

My basic question is why is the flow rate so important when there is no or little retention in the bladder. If the bladder is being emptied is it so important for it to be done within a certain time?