Hyperspermia at a young age

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by salata sara on Sun Jul 07, 2024 11:17 am

Hyperspermia at a young age

Hello everyone!

I am a mother of an 11 years old boy, and he just got diagnosed a few das ago with hyperspermia. The doctors said it's "the most extreme case of hyperspermia" they have ever seen. Hyperspermia basically means that he has very large (in his case absurdly large tbh) amounts of semen whenever he ejaculates.

Of course it has been a problem long before the diagnosis too. For 4 years now. What is the problem, you ask. Well, where to aim it? I know most boys use hanky, toilet paper or maybe even some clothes. But that does not work for my son, these are all soaking wet in a second no matter how many layers he uses of them. Total waste. It's not a problem in the toilet or in the sink but to let him have some comfort doing it in his room or whatever, we will need to figure out something. Besides aiming it at the floor, which is kinda okay but a lot of cleaning.

Anyone have similar problems or any idea what would be the best solution?