Random pelvic cramp...possible PID?

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by Greens95 on Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:48 am

Random pelvic cramp...possible PID?

Hello, I’m new here. I just need to put my mind at ease until my DR appointment on Monday.

I’m 25 I may add*
On November 12th I had unprotected sex.
I got my period a week later (11/21)which ended on 12/1
Up until now I’ve had no signs of infection.

I did do a little bit of head lifting at work last night. Nothing major or that I haven’t done before. I had been feeling fine all day even after work.Around 10 pm I was relaxing and as I went to stand up I felt an intense cramp that kept me from being able to stand up straight. It lasted for around 45 seconds. It felt more like a spasm than a mensural cramp but a cramp none the less. After sitting down and standing back up I noticed a dull ache in the middle of my lower abdomen. And I only felt it with walking/standing. I slept on it that night and woke up with pain only when moving around. It had gotten better throughout the day but I can still feel it just a tiny bit.

I figured like most muscle cramps it’s going to hurt a bit after, I’m just hoping that the random sudden spasm following painful when walking that’s had gone away throughout the day isn’t something more serious like chlamydia

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by talkhealth on Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:34 pm

Re: Random pelvic cramp...possible PID?

Hello- I am sorry to hear about your pain but very pleased to hear that you are booked in to see a doctor. With things like this it really is only a medical professionals opinion you need at this stage, and to be honest looking through the internet as we all know we end up with everything wrong with us! This doesn't help anyone and makes you worry most of the time far more than necessary. I do hope tomorrow goes well.
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by MissCandyGirl on Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:34 pm

Re: Random pelvic cramp...possible PID?

I hope your doctor was able to diagnose you, Greens95. It did seem a strange coincidence to have had unprotected sex and then be in such pain. I am sure you've been treated for whatever you were diagnosed with and are no longer in pain.

I do think using contraception will prevent further pain. Although accidents CAN happen. Still, maybe keeping a condom in your handbag at all times would be a good idea. You never know when you'll need it!

Just a few opinions.

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