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Heroin on the brain

Postby FrankLittman on Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:51 pm

I'm a normal working man. BUT I have a problem - my addiction. I have a supportive family and girlfriend. They help me to stay sober. However, they aren't next to me all the time. At that moments, craving wins and I got another dose. That is why I believe that rehabilitation program is what I need. Perhaps, I'm wrong but I read on Addiction Resource that drug addiction is a complex issue, and it requires a holistic approach for treatment. The article https://addictionresource.com/drug-rehab/men-only/ discusses that men and women have different causes and effects of addiction. That is why gender-specific treatment is a popular option. But I'm not sure. Maybe an ordinary rehab is ok for me as well? What are the cases to get gender-specific treatment? It's so hard...
Hope you've never faced addiction, and will not do.
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Re: Heroin on the brain

Postby talkhealth on Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:02 pm

Hi FrankLittman

Thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear of your difficulties but are glad to hear that you have a good support network. We would suggest that you speak to your GP about referral to a treatment facility as they will be able to recommend one that suits your needs best.

Do please keep us informed of your progress and good luck with your sobriety.

Kind regards
talkhealth team
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Re: Heroin on the brain

Postby FrankLittman on Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:18 am

I will. Thank you. I just thought that I could choose some rehab program without GP consultation. However, it is the best way for now, as I really cannot do it by myself. I'm so exhausted.
Thank you for this advice. I will keep you updated.
Hope I will fight this addiction back.
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Re: Heroin on the brain

Postby georgewhittington on Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:24 am

Heroin is actually a stimulant and acts on the brains neurochemistry to a far greater extent. It gives you a feeling of euphoria, basically a far greater sense of well being than weed. And it's addicting and far more powerful due to its effect on the dopamine levels in your brain.
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