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Too itchy to sleep for almost 6 (long + stressful) years

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:35 am
by HealingEden
Our daughter has moderate eczema that seems to get worse year on year. She’s almost 6 and has suffered since before 6 months old.
We’ve tried every type of moisturiser, emollient, steriod, she has daily antihistamines. We’re aware of all her allergies + manage them as well as we can (although most of them are air allergens/pollen/animals which makes that hard to eliminate!).
The problem is: she doesn’t sleep well at all. Never sleeps through, she’s so itchy at night. We have sleep gloves for her but trying to transition out of those because the heat makes it worse and we’re heading to Spring.
It feels like we’ll never sleep, this will never end and sometimes it all just gets a bit much!
I’m writing this in the hopes that someone has SOMETHING we haven’t tried, although I must add that I’m not hopeful!

Re: Too itchy to sleep for almost 6 (long + stressful) years

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:08 am
by Marcie Mom
I'm sorry to hear of the never sleeping! I can totally understand - it felt like we never slept till she's about 4-5 years old.. I tried a few things but I'm not sure if they will work for you:
1. Shower closer to the bedtime & moisturize loads
2. Anti-dust mite everything and all wash in hot water
3. Humidifier cos we on the air-con which is drying
4. Hepa air filter
5. Use a wash that is anti-bacterial like Octenisan/ if it's waking up in the middle of the night, we take chilled chlorhexidine (we put in fridge), cleaned skin with facial wipes and then moisturize
6. Wet wrap/ dry wrap - the skin feels much less dry and seem to help with the wrap
7. Experiment with different baby shampoo - we have settled on cetaphil baby shampoo though now she's no longer a baby
8. We do apply hydrocortisone to help with the active rashes..

Hang in there, can check out my website if you like to find out more about the new terms like wet wrap, shower etc

Hope it will get better soon, I feel you.. we co-slept like she on top of me and I just held her hands till like she's too heavy to be sleeping on me. So, I totally understand when you talk about sleep.