Experience with Cetaphil & Vaseline

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by jakal2001 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:50 am

Petroleum Jelly AKA White Soft Paraffin

I have been using this cream all of my life (30 now), before applied it all over my body. Of the last decade or so, just on my face - body I used Aqueous, and now Cetraben.

My body colour tone has been normal, and the face always red/flushed. At first I wasnt so sure why this was, now Im beginning to break the ice (i think). Reading about Petrolleum Jelly today made me aware of the negativity of it.

Simply googling 'side effects petroleum jelly' will fill you with information. It forms a layer on the surface of the skin, and creates a barrier, the skin needs to breath like we do. It is a cheap product used in oilrigs yes OILRIGS!

I used it because it was the only cream that kept my eczema / dry skin moist.. but, like many eczema soldiers seek to find, there is no 'miracle cure'..

I wish you all the best.. the journey continues...

Becky Dennis
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by Becky Dennis on Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:21 am

what is 50 50 ointment

Hey all

Hope you are all doing ok. I have been reading through posts and reading a lot about 50/50 ointment. What is this? is it a special cream/ointment? or does it mean half the time you apply ointment and the other half something else? Sorry if this sounds thick! I am applying only ointment at the moment 6 times a day. My baby is very sticky!

b x

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by Jimbob on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:08 am

Re: what is 50 50 ointment

It is 50% soft white paraffin and 50% liquid paraffin


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by AnnaB on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:24 pm

Re: what is 50 50 ointment

It is a very sloppy very greasy ointment. One of the least painful creams and most messy!! But at times it is just what we need it goes very easily onto sore skin. We were advised by our dermatologist to use this through chickenpox as it so gentle to put on without rubbing or pulling the skin.
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by Pencoll on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:37 am

Re: what is 50 50 ointment

I use Vaseline instead as found it better, again different thinks work for different people.

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by sivssy on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:07 am

Experience with Cetaphil & Vaseline

Hi, I am a lifelong eczema sufferer at the age of 22 years old.

Recently my eczema flared up on parts of my face and neck. This resulted in red, dry and flat patches on my face and my entire face felt very stiff and swollen.

Unfortunately I have not found any anti-histamines that work for me and even body washes made for sensitive skin can make my eczema flares worst.

My mum bought Cetaphil skin restoring body wash and skin restoring body moisturizer for me to use, saying the pharmacist recommended it.
When using the moisturizer, I felt a stinging sensation but didn't think much of it since the bottle didn't have a warning about it. After using these products for 2 days, my eczema flares worsen drastically.
I woke up one morning with extremely dry skin and more red patches all over my neck and face. Basically I looked like something that came out of a horror movie.
Ironically, on the bottle of the Cetaphil skin restoring body moisturizer, it says 'formulated for use in eczema; clinically proven to soothe itchy, dry skin; Ceramide technology to help restore skin barrier; Dermatologist recommended' along with a lot of other fancy things. From what I am aware of, skin creams (excluding sunscreen and those containing steroids) are not under the FDA or TGA scrutiny, and therefore can make false claims about their products. It might be also important to note that the Cetaphil skin restoring moisturizer contained alcohol, which drys out the skin.

After the disastrous experience with the new Cetaphil products, I decided to use Vaseline on my eczema for the first time. I applied it all over the infected areas during the day and reapplied at night. To my surprise the next morning, the redness had almost completely disappeared and my skin showed significant recovery.
Vaseline has also worked on my younger brother, who was also born with severe eczema. My mum applied Vaseline all over his body every night when he was very young for a period of time. It was an uncomfortable experience for him but it has definitely paid of as he no longer has eczema. He gets the occasional small rash but other than that, he is eczema free.

In conclusion, don't believe everything it says on the bottle and Vaseline works (at least for me).

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by yorkie2703 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:01 pm

Re: Petroleum Jelly AKA White Soft Paraffin

Hi Jakal2001
We was at first advised to use Soft Paraffin which we did on our daughters eczema
But we had to stop as it was giving her pucked skin. After taking her back to the GP then was advised not to use as it was'nt allowing her skin to breath.

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by rachel_razzlemom on Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:49 pm

Re: Experience with Cetaphil & Vaseline

Hi sivssy. Thank you for your suggestion :) But I really do think that when it comes to using emollients for eczema (or any other eczema treatment or remedy for that matter), it's up to every individual. Some people say Cetaphil works for them. Others prefer Vaseline.

So in your case, Cetaphil didn't work for you and Vaseline did. But that doesn't mean that the same emollients for eczema will have a similar effect on everyone else who has eczema right? It's a matter of personal choice and how an individual reacts to a treatment or remedy. Likewise, I'm still happy that you found what worked for you! Congrats!

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by MLe on Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:57 am

Re: Experience with Cetaphil & Vaseline

I am also a lifelong sufferer of Eczema, from head to toe. My experience with vaseline / oil based lotions and the like is that they suffocate the skin. Getting rid of the eczema (meaning, getting under control, in remission for lack of a better term) then hydrating the skin thereafter on a frequent basis is the way I have found to treat my skin with care.

Skin with eczema must be kept clean and it MUST breathe. Hence covering it up with vaseline is like putting a pillow on your mouth and covering your nose.I find that suffocating the skin will cause itching that will drive you MAD.

Prior to putting any lotion on skin with eczema, you must hydrate it first, e.g. put water on it. (i know this is not what many of us like to do b/c water tends to make our skin itch if eczema is present), then put lotion on top before the water has completely dried - hence, hydration.

Re: Cetaphil
This is a non-soap based cleaner, hence good for our skin.
My experience however with Cetaphil is that it does not achieve the level of cleanliness where I walk out of the shower and feel clean. If I had, for example, a thick cream on prior to taking a shower, then used cetaphil in the shower, I always felt like i still had traces of the cream left on me - AND I DID. Try a different non-soap based cleaser. I have found seba-med to work perfectly. This is a German based soap product. It comes in a soap-like bar and liquid as well. It definitely achieves "cleaning" without the complete drying out of the skin which is what soap does to our skin.

RE: A hand/ body lotion that I like by "A-Derma"
This brand has many lotions. It's based out of France. I first tried the hand lotion, "Creme Mains". It does not cure eczema, as we all know, there is no "yet" known cure, however, this is what it does:
- it provides a feeling like there is an extra layer of skin protecting my hand
- it lasts longer than regular creams - meaning I don't have to re-apply it for at least 2-3 hours. (assuming I don't wash it off)
- it smells great (w/out having perfumes in it)
- it does not irritate hands that already have eczema on it

I will post more later, as I have alot to say. Like I said, i was covered with eczema like wallpaper for many years. Went to the best hospitals around the world, getting treatments sometimes 3 times a week for up to one year. Most recently, I visited a doctor in Germany who eliminated my eczema over a period of 3 weeks. And by eliminate, I mean totally gone. I have to maintain my skin by applying steriods 2x per week and, of course keep it hydrated, but I am free of eczema like i use to have it. I can wear shorts, short sleeves, bathing suits, run, sweat, basically, live my life.

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by alicesmith584 on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:04 am

Re: Experience with Cetaphil & Vaseline

Well excessive use of any product causes harm. On the contrary I am using Vaseline since childhood and have no allergies or reactions.

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