The Best Treatments For Eczema

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by alyeva01 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:57 am

The Best Treatments For Eczema

8 Natural Methods to Treat Eczema

1) Fight The OutBreaks With Food
Fight the outbreaks with food Many health conditions, both skin-related or not, can be helped by following the correct dietary regiment and Eczema makes no exception. The best way to go, is eat as much raw and organic food as possible. This type of meal is natural to the human body and nourishes it best. On the other hand, there are also foods that can irritate the skin and worsen the problem. Avoid processed foods, as they are full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and saturated fats. Also, try staying away from alcohol, caffeine, meat, gluten and dairy.

2) The Magic Powers Of Coconut Oil
The magic powers of coconut oil Cold-pressed, organic coconut oil has become a sensation and rightfully so. Even large and well-respected fashion magazines are now advertising the natural healing powers of coconut oil. It is great for the skin and just perfect for treating Eczema. Coconut oil contains a very rare substance called lauric acid, it helps fight bacteria and microorganisms that can cause skin conditions such as Eczema. What you can do is substitute all the oils you use in the kitchen with coconut oil and also use it as a moisturizer. It soothes the skin and penetrates deeply to protect it from unwanted environmental and chemical damage.

3) C For Care Vitamin
C for Care Vitamin C is a great way to protect and nourish your skin and can help fight Eczema outbreaks. The wonderful substance contains essential nutrients that strengthen the immune system and help it fight infection. That is why vitamin C is also very effective in treating the common cold. It also has antiinflammatory effects and protects the cells from stress. You can either purchase vitamin C supplements, or you can try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially orange and yellow ones
4) Say No To Stress
Say No to stress Often the reason for skin conditions stems from increased stress levels. Stress is functional, it makes you strive to achieve certain goals, it keeps you alert and is a natural bodily mechanism, so long as it is not excessive. Too much stress is damaging for all organs, not to mention the severe psychological damages it can cause. Sometimes a disease, such as Eczema, can be psychosomatic, meaning that there are no physiological factors that explain its onset and development. Rather, it has stemmed from psychological issues that have manifested as physical symptoms. Eczema may be your body’s way of telling you that you are enduring too much stress and pressure.

5) Salt Baths For Clear Skin
Salt baths for clear skin Bath salts come in many varieties and scents and as long as they do not have any chemical additives, they are a wonderful way to keep Eczema away. Dermatological studies have shown that bath salts smooth out the skin, reduce redness and inflammation and relieve itchiness. All you have to do is dilute a few tablespoons in your bathtub and take a relaxing soak.

6) Aloe Vera
Moisturize with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Aloe Vera is one of the miracle workers of nature. It is no wonder that so many cosmetics companies use it in their products – it is one of the most potent moisturizers and skin-soothers. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is used in many beautifying recipes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can combine equal parts of the two and pad the skin gently with a cotton ball.

7) Soak in Oatmeal
Soak in oatmeal Taking an oatmeal bath is one of the most popular Eczema treatments. Blend about a cup of oatmeal into very fine powder, place it in your bathtub and pour hot water on top. Then take a 15-minute soak. Oatmeal is so popular, because it soothes itchy and irritated skin, it also helps with redness.

8) Essential Oil Remedy
Essential oil remedy Essential oils are always a great way to improve your skin condition. They rejuvenate and moisturize the cells, along with helping them fight infection and skin roughness. For best result, mix just a drop of chamomile or yarrow in jojoba or almond oil, then rub all over the skin. Eczema may be a tough problem to deal with, but as long as you make the steps listed above a part of your routine, you will feel the difference.

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by Curapella on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:30 pm

Re: The Best Treatments For Eczema

Alternatively address the actual root cause of eczema with the pellamex food supplement to re-establish the skin barrier that is otherwise defective in eczema. Problem solved!

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by billysmit555 on Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:14 am

Re: The Best Treatments For Eczema

The best treatments for Eczema depend on the type of skin conditions. Eczema can be from mild to severe, and the condition is not the same for everyone. Eczema is a group of medical condition that affects the skin and makes it red, inflamed and itchy. It is a common skin issue and the most common eczema known as atopic eczema (or atopic dermatitis). Before knowing about the treatment it is important to understand the main causes of Eczema.
Well, the exact cause of eczema is still unknown. It is considered that it happens due to the overactive response of the body’s immune system. Family history is also associated with this condition i.e. asthma or allergies. The other factors that cause eczema are:
More sensitive skin
Defects in the skin barrier that allows moisture out and germs in.
There is nothing best to manage Eczema naturally. Eczema can be managed by keeping the symptoms under control. Some basic steps to managing the condition are:
Stay hygiene and take a regular bath to keep your skin clean
Know the sign that triggers eczema and other skin infection
Use prescribed medication and visit your dermatologist
The best medications to treat Eczema are:
Along with lifestyle changes, prescribed topical, over the counter remedies, oral and injectable medication can be taken to treat Eczema condition. Always take the consultation from a doctor to start the course.

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by CastorOil4Eczema on Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:22 pm

Re: The Best Treatments For Eczema

The doctor/dermatologist is always the 1st line of defense when something goes wrong. It only make sense to follow their advice. Unfortunately the reason that most of us are on this site is because their prescribed topical, over the counter remedies, oral and injectable medications are either dangerous and/or aren't working. It's ashamed that most doctors/dermatologists won't recognize natural treatments. The reality is that NATURAL TREATMENTS ARE GREAT TREATMENTS for Eczema. Doctors/dermatologists need to get a clue. Natural nutrients are always preferred.
Those that have treated their eczema have done so in 3 ways
1. Repairing the skin barrier topically with an Oil high in fatty acids - Castor Oil will work better than coconut oil. Castor oil is a thicker oil than both hemp oil and coconut oil.
2. Treating a leaky liver typically with priobiotics
3. Diet elimination of trigger foods (typically dairy and/or grains)
It's pretty obvious what worked for me. I am not going back to pay the dermatologist who wasn't able to treat me for my eczema.

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