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Light Therapy Treatment

Postby donna86 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:50 pm

Hi guys, I'm about to start a course of light therapy at my hospital soon has any one had this and had any results from it? Also does anyone know if it helps scarring or what can get rid of scarring
thanx :D
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Re: Lighttherapy

Postby ironchef on Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:17 pm

My doctor prescribed it for me as well but I chickened out. Was afraid that it would age my skin further and skin cancer concerns. But I have heard it can help...
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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby sad-sack on Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:14 am

i am about to go for this treatment myself i am told it wont help with scaring and as i am asian and already have hyperpigmentation and deep dark scars i am told they may become darker so in other words may make them worse or look worse so the blotchy skin is here to stay i just hope the itching stops cause thats the devil in all this ..let me know how your son is getting on and if it helped thanks
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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby Jimbob on Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:21 pm

It is supposed to work well. My son was referred for it about 6 months ago by the dermatologist ge was seeing at the time. We decided against it as my son is only 6 years old and we were worried as had be told it is not normally used in children so young. I hope it works well for you both.

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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby sad-sack on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:49 am

well i am 29 and having it done now its called phototherapy
You stand naked in a plastic blue phone box thing with goggles on and your hair tied up can keep your pants on if you like, but then you always have to keep your pants on...i stank naked but i keep my pants on when i am on my period ... and so far nobody has said anything ..oh yeah men have to wear thongs . after not on the same day treatment you have to moisturise afterwards if you don’t your skin feels and looks like leather and looks dry ashy/ flaky . You also have to keep out of sunlight and i was told not to have a wash before treatment or after so basically not on the same day. I go in twice a week so far but i wish it 3 so i could see results faster or if it don’t work stop treatment and try something else.
I have had 4 treatments so far . to be honest i really have not noticed much of a difference yet in terms of my eczema, however, about 5 hours after treatment my skin turns pinkish red and i feel very itchy . the nurse said this itching was normal and i must keep moisturising. well i do grease up but your clothes are ruined and sticky afterwards.
i have to pre-soak and wash them twice to get the slime the moment i am using 50% liquid paraffin with 50% soft white paraffin. This is such a greasy cream.
Point to note is when i do itch after treatment i am back to square one in tearms of how my eczema looks so i think it may not be working but so far not sure. The nurse said after 10 treatments you should see if its working.
Anyway i am on a 13 seconds quick flash of this stuff now so still very new at this. Once my goggles was not on properly and i could see the blue light i quickly closed my eyes...that was dangerous.
anyone else on this please get in touch i would love to find out how its going for others
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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby Peter283 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:01 pm

I find it rather perverse that you are supposed to keep your genitals covered, when it is fairly common to get eczema on that part of your body I think that the only benefits of phototherapy compared to gentle sunbathing is the fact that exposure is controlled and it is not subject to the vagaries of the weather.
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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby Coldbolt on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:52 pm


Light therapy will take a while for it to work but it's nearly proven in most cases to work. I've never taken Light Therapy so I can't comment on the situation.

That being said, if you are starting to peel and flake, you might wanna consider bathing also. There's many of things you can add like Olive Oil or Aalgo's Seaweed which is the same properties as the dead sea. It's used to help with Psoriasis and take about 2-3 weeks also to really get rid of all the redness, that being said, theres alot of treatments in the same time you can be doing.

You have probably been advised to take Emollient and I advise you take this heavily seriously. The amount of people that have Eczema and don't put on enough Emollients is shocking and I was one until I wised up. You have to put on shed loads at the start of the day and night but whilst during the day, your not so bad, so after a bath and about to go to bed, shed loads on, afterwards, just get a small tube but keep putting it on, can't stress this.

Your Diet is important as hell so you need to make sure you are getting EPA,DHA and GLA. Vitamins A-D-E are present if you take COD Liver Oil and Starflower Oil. The Liquid forms end up cheaper and have a higher % concentrated also so try your best and take it. I actually physically put it on me via capsules. 2 capules on the arms. I just pierce the capsules with a pin and then slowly put it on, might smell but I did this years ago to my hand with my mother and it's never came back, so there clearly some magic there.

There's alot more you can do and i'll be updating my side regarding everything i've said here plus more. It's found at http://www.stopeczema.infoand you can talk to me in a one on one basis if you want to.

Hope this helps,
Alan Reid Fighting back Against Eczema
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Re: Light Therapy Treatment

Postby SkyloJones on Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:58 am

Light therapy and especially red light therapy has been proven to be effective for a number of skin conditions including rosacea and eczema.
The are some quality home devices, so its not necessary to go to a salon every time for treatment if you find that it works for you and it its way more cost effective.
This link might help to answer some of your questions, goodluck.
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