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low histamine diet - naturopathic solution

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 3:16 am
by Naheed G
Hello! Just joined the forum. I'm excited to hear what ideas people have and share my own experiences where appropriate! I finally saw a Naturopath regarding my condition. As part of my treatment I've been given a variety of supplements (D-Hist from Ortho-Molecular Products; AdvaClear anti-oxidant support, from Metagenics; fish oil). I've also been advised to go on a low histamine diet. No tomatoes, bananas, avocados, lentils, chocolate, hard cheese, nuts, spinach, among other things. As someone who is mostly plant-based, this has been tough, so I'm slowly transitioning into it. Does anyone have experience with this low-histamine approach?

Re: low histamine diet - naturopathic solution

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 10:58 am
by talkhealth
Hi Naheed G,

Thank you for your post. Please find a link to a past 'Ask the expert' clinic on histamine where you will find questions from other members and answers from our expert Dr Janice Joneja, Medical microbiologist / immunologist. ... php?f=1023

Please also find a link below to Dr Janice Joneja's book on how to help with histamine:

"The Beginner's Guide to Histamine Intolerance", which may be accessed here: ... B07258TX34

We hope this helps :)

Kind regards