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bad eczema, Help please

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:03 pm
by jgerber7
Hi! I have always had eczema, it has always been pretty controlled, when I sweat or played sports I would get rashes, and itchy in between my arms and behind my legs. Now about a year ago my eczema got really bad, it is now on my face(around my mouth and between my eyebrows, as well as my arms. I have tried all the steroid cream and medicine, but It does not really help and I am trying to be as natural/clean to try and get this figured out. I also have asthma and environmental allergies. I am looking for natural remedies or any tips of why it just flared up and how to stop it.. I moved to a different house two years ago, things that I know that have changed when moving was the water is more hard water, I went almost all the way plant based. I took a food sensitivity test and the top things were dairy, eggs, gluten and soy. I took all of those out and definitely noticed a difference, but noticed if I have any alcohol it flares and gets itchy and red on my face, also when I sweat which frustrates me as I love to hike and do stuff outside and I dont want this to stop me. I am really just wanting to figure this out and I don't know if theres ways to help heal my gut if that has to do with it to but it takes away from my every day waking up and having to deal with it cause it is so uncomfortable and I never used to be this bad.. Please any help, advice, recommendations are very appreciated. Thank you!

Re: bad eczema, Help please

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:12 pm
by Marcie Mom
Sorry to hear that.. have to see dermatologist. Sometimes it's bacterial overload which requires taking antibiotics to kill the staph bacteria, and then the skin can heal better. Can be many reasons why it suddenly turned worse and may not necessarily be allergy-related. Happened to my daughter. Eczema skin very prone to bacterial infection.. if you want to pursue natural treatment or steroid-free treatment, can speak to dermatologist about it also, these days many are more open-minded to patients being worried about topical cream, don't let that deter you from seeing a dermatologist, take care!

Re: bad eczema, Help please

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:33 pm
by Experermentist
Hi jgerber, I’ve had bad eczema and asthma for 40 years. Through some bad luck about 18 months ago, I think I’ve found how to get rid of eczema and although not get rid of my asthma, it is hardly noticeable. I am only saying think because I don’t want to jump the gun too early but at the same time I want to tell everyone as soon as possible because everyday having eczema is a nightmare when it’s bad. Through bad luck(gambling) I had to move out my house and ended up sleeping in my car for about 8 months. During this time my eczema disappeared by about the 5 weeks. I knew it was getting better because even when I take my clothes and the air touches my skin I really want to scratch and this stopped happening. I eventually got back on my feet again and moved into a flat. After about 2 or 3 months the eczema was back and I was using my blue inhaler loads though out the day. I looked back and wondered what was different from living in a car to living in a flat(apart from the obvious).
I have narrowed it down to two things which are mould and dust mites. I read that it’s the dust mite droppings that contain a protein that when inhaled it causes a huge immune response. The mould spores might do the same I don’t know for sure.
So I bought a dust resistant mask and dusted everyday. I opened my windows a lot to stop any mould from coming. I also bought an air purifier that captures mould spores and dust mite dropping. I didn’t see much change but kept at it and after about 5 weeks it’s started to get better. It kept getting better and is now almost gone after 7 weeks. I don’t know which it is and it may even be a combination of both but to me that was the cause.

Re: bad eczema, Help please

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2021 9:00 am
by Marcie Mom
thanks for sharing and I hope your 'bad luck' is over :)

Yes, mold and dust mites are top allergens. We wash bedsheet weekly with hot water cycle to kill the dust mites. If it's really bad, can consider getting cheap mattress that can be thrown out every six months/year.

Hope things keep improving, cheers