dyshidrotic eczema or herpetic whitlow?

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by MrTripn123 on Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:11 am

dyshidrotic eczema or herpetic whitlow?

I have had eczema since 2016. Was previously diagnosed and treated at the VA hospital. Every winter my hands get really dry and start flaking and peeling. It’s always extremely painful! Anyway I’ve been dealing with it the last few weeks so I decided to go into the emergency room. I received a vial of clobetasol and used it last night. Lately I have been wearing gloves on my Hands at night so my hands don’t crack while I sleep. Last night my hand was sweating and I decided to take the glove off because it started itching in a new spot. I’ve noticed sometimes when I wear the glove it feels better at first but after a while it starts to become itchy and irritating I’m guessing because of the sweat. It seems like I need to wear the glove But I think that if I wear it for too long then it exacerbates the condition. Anyway this morning I woke up and I actually had a blister that was not there yesterday. The blister is on theSide of my finger lower toward the base on the pointer finger of my right hand. It’s Swoll up and was extremely painful but this was the first time I’ve ever had a blister associated with my eczema symptoms! Went into the VA ER today and they tried to change the diagnosis without really getting more background info. They said I had hermetic Whitlow! I have never known to have herpes or any related issue with blisters etc. on anywhere in my body so I was very skeptical with the new diagnosis. I decided to go to a new doctor and that doctor told me basically that he knew that this could actually be dyshadratic excema. Since I’ve had my conditions on the hand I’ve kept a glove on the majority of the time to prevent infection especially with COVID-19. So there is the idea that maybe sweat in the glove caused the blister but I’m not sure why this blister would have happened I haven’t been exposed to any germs while the hand has been injured. I’m wondering if anybody has any insight into this problem, I’m praying that it’s just excema but I’m unsure (and paranoid).

PS I noticed the blister has a smell to it. The rest of the hand doesn’t have any smell but the blister smells like a dog lol...

Does any1 know what that might mean?

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by Marcie Mom on Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:24 am

Re: dyshidrotic eczema or herpetic whitlow?

Sorry to hear that.. not sure, cos could also be bacterial/ fungal as well. One thing to note is if infected blisters pose sepsis risk, which can be life threatening.. so if have fever, chills, have to go hospital. Understand won't be easy during covid19, not sure what help you can get where you are living.. take care.
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