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40 years old and just now getting eczema

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:46 pm
by ranma15g
So about three weeks ago I had one real stressful night and then I noticed a rash on my groin area. Had no clue what it was, but it started to spread. And after some research and a walk in clinic, I found out I have eczema now. And it seems to be spreading all over. It's barely pink (minus the groin area where the rash is the worst), it doesn't itch, and it doesn't hurt but it's just there. I believe that this has everything to do with the stress, my diet, and the detergent I was using. So I'm making changes to all of that. With that being said, going to be seeing the dermatologist in 8 days, and until then I'm using Aveeno eczema care and I'm also using olive oil in my bathing.

Just curious if I'm on the right track.