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Showering and eczema

Postby Gengen75 on Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:55 am

My eczema has persisted for 2 years now and light therapy didn't keep it clear once the treatment finished. When my eczema returned I was not allowed any further light treatment. The next step was immuosuppressant tablets, which I disagreed to as I have a toddler due vaccinations. In which case, I was asked to read about the injection steroids. Again, I am not keen on this idea either.

A junior consultant said I should reduce my showering routine as I was showering once or twice daily to keep infection of the sores away, and I preferred moisturising on to clean skin. My skin was red and inflamed but I believed I was doing the right thing. To note, I live in a hard water area.

So I gave up showering and wash with a sponge and about once a week, to relax more than anything, I bathe with Epsom salts from supermarkets in a cool bath for 15-20 mins.

My eczema has significantly cleared with very few new flare ups. I am controlling it with steroid ointments and my choice of moisturiser.

I wanted to share this as I was unaware as to how damaging the water was to my skin's protective top layer where there is there is the lack of the protein filaggrin. I can't believe that this has helped so much and I have reduced my widespread eczema considerably.
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