Finger tip rash

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by Awemossy on Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:19 pm

Finger tip rash

Hi All,

First post, I have a curious rash on my left ring finger that keeps flaring up. the best way to describe it is small spots filled with clear liquid.

(probably about 30 small clear spots) if I was to get a pin I could litterally puncture the skin and clear liquid comes out (disgusting I know) while the flare up happens the finger just feels numb.

I used to play the guitar as a kid and this is the finger that would press down on the strings, i had built up a callus on this particular finger and I remember when this first happened many, many years ago that it was something to do with me playing the guitar.

Im not sure if this is ezcema but I am curious to get to the bottom what it could be if not ezcema.

Any help / guidance appreciated :)