Benovate cream - mental health children

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by wonkydonkey on Fri Jun 23, 2023 3:16 pm

Benovate cream - mental health children

Hi folks,

Wonder g if anyone has had a similar experience or can advise.
Our son, age 9, has a chronic skin complaint.
Drs have assume some form of eczema but none specific, we are awaiting referral to pediatric dermatology and have arranged for private co sultan y to speed things up.

In the mean time his skin has literally broken down and allowed infection in. He has had several extended course of antibiotics and tried literally multiple cream/ ointment/ etc being applied all over 4 times a day.
We have also tried scabies treatments and changed everything including his bed, sheets, clothes, diet, everything.

He is currently using benovate cream, plus zeroderm ointment.

My question is……..

In the past he has had mental health issues with anxiety and crying lots , the cause in the past has been his medication (montelukast for asthma), it improved on stopping the treatment , but we notice it comes back when he uses his steroid inhalers.
Well, this mental Health dip is back, and my suspicion is the benovate cream?

Can any one advise as the drs seem to think not, but I’m really not so sure.
I think he is super sensitive to medication and I think the steroid in benovate is affecting his mental

Can anyone comment ?

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Marcie Mom
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by Marcie Mom on Tue Jun 27, 2023 8:36 am

Re: Benovate cream - mental health children

Sorry to hear that and if you're worried, can monitor the potency of the steroids used.
Just google steroid potency chart and see.

benovate is not so potent, medium. Zeroderma (without the plus version that has steroid) is just moisturizer. Am not sure if it's the steroid that's linked to mental health or the constant itch and discomfort.. hope things get better soon, take care.
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