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For people w/ eczema that are in relationships

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:03 am
by hanaka06
Hi everyone,

So, I've suffered with eczema since I was 2 months old and am now, 17 years old. As I grow older, there are times when I think, this will just fizzle out and eventually cure itself, but all that has happened is my eczema getting worse. I have it nearly everywhere (my thighs, arms, chest, back, neck, feet, hands, and recently my genitals). There are often times when I become really insecure- I don't like people seeing my hands and cover up my body as much as possible, but I have come to accept what I have. I do love my body and all the scars I have with it. I'm still battling my eczema, too.

I want to ask those who are currently suffering or have suffered with eczema how it is like to be in a relationship. Does your partner care about how it looks? Does it affect your intimate life or day to day life in any way? I have never been in a relationship before and as I'm growing, I'm afraid that when I do meet someone that they'll end up being repulsed by me and my eczema. I'm scared that I'll never be able to experience anything intimate because of my eczema and where it is located either. Someone out there, please give me some hope and guidance.

Re: For people w/ eczema that are in relationships

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:55 am
by talkhealth
Hi hanaka06

Thank you for your post. Please have a look at our free support programmes and hopefully some of our members will have positive experiences for you too.

Kind regards

Re: For people w/ eczema that are in relationships

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:53 pm
by matthew2909
Hey how are you im Matthew im not in a relationship but im going through the same as you i know how your feeling im woundering the same thing if you ever need or want to talk im always here

Re: For people w/ eczema that are in relationships

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:22 am
by Marcie Mom
Hi! M daughter is the one with eczema so no experience being the one with eczema; from what I gathered from forums and sharing of others, I think one of the key things to be mindful of is being honest with your partner about how you feel and getting that trust and communication level to the level whereby he/she can also share how they feel. Much of the questions that I've come across for people in relationships is the difficulty of helping a partner with eczema who has already given up hope of their skin getting better, or second guessing how they feel vs not being able to share openly how the non-eczema partner feel.

So in summary, from my years of moderating and facilitating sharing sessions, I would say people with eczema do find partners, someone to love and who love them, but the eczema becomes another issue (among many in a marriage/relationship!) that requires trust, communication and humility to work out.. hope that helps!