Eczema Triggers in my own House - HELP

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by ailishd123 on Thu May 04, 2023 9:08 am

Eczema Triggers in my own House - HELP


I've recently moved into a new house and around 3 months in, I got a terrible eczema flare up on my eyelids after I was sanding some plaster which went all over my face.

That was over a month ago now and I've been away for the weekend twice since, both times it completely cleared up but it came back as soon as I got home again.

I'm looking for some help on what could be causing this, I'm at my wit's end with it! Any advice would be appreciated please.

A little more info if you're still reading:
The main issues are my eyelids (they're really red and dry and I wake up every day with really swollen eyes), my hands and wrists and also my nipples.
My house isn't (particularly) dusty or mouldy.
I can't think of anything I've changed, like my laundry detergent or anything like that, however I could have missed something seemingly insignificant.

Thanks in advance!

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by Marcie Mom on Fri May 05, 2023 4:37 am

Re: Eczema Triggers in my own House - HELP

Sorry to hear of the flare-ups! Pollen could be a reason too. You can take an allergy test, to figure out your top allergens, and from that list, see what has to be eliminated. Hope you find the triggers soon, take care!
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by MissCandyGirl on Sun May 07, 2023 7:14 am

Re: Eczema Triggers in my own House - HELP

Is there any way to spend time somewhere else until a professional can test your house? You are obviously in great distress and need to leave your home. You're not going to get answers on your own: you need someone qualified to test your home. There is obviously some kind of allergen lurking in your house and you must not stay in it.

Get your house tested and once the issue is diagnosed, clean the house/remove the allergen and then you can move back in.

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