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Baby milk

Postby kirstypiperdy1 on Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:50 pm

My baby is 7 weeks old she started to have mucusy poo’S on aptimal 1 and was really unsettled and crying really straining and bringing her knees up when she needed to poo she seemed like she was crying out in pain, so changed to now and gate and was still the same ! The doctor changed her milk to aptimal pepti 1 which in herself was a lot more happier she was on this for 3 days , she seemed to have really wet type poos and have gradually gone green so a different doctor and now said to take her off it and go back to cow and gate don’t no what’s best to do as she was a lot happier on the aptimal pepti but don’t no if the green nappies mean it’s not agreeing with her ?
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