Allergy to apple juice but not apples

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by albertofrog on Sat Nov 11, 2023 9:14 pm

Allergy to apple juice but not apples

Hi there

First time posting here, so, hello to all :)

I'm here asking a question on behalf of a friend who seems to have, as stated in the title an allergy to apple juice but not apples themselves.
So eating apples isn't an issue at all, but whenever having a drink that has apple juice as an additive, she then suffers from a rash, mainly blotchiness around the face and neck, that lasts for a few hours and sometimes vommiting, if a fair bit of apple juice has been consumed without realising.
The same thing also seems to occur if eating red grapes too - but not green.

We did some research to see if it was an additive in apple juice that could be causing the problem but that pretty much came back with wheat and soy being the main additive to the juice that could cause an issue but she doesn't seem to suffer when eating those things normally.

My friend is 25, 5ft, weighs 7 stone and is vegetarian.

this is not exactly causing a big issue for her now as she knows to look out for apple in drinks, foods etc, but we were really just wondering what it could be and hoped you fine people may have some ideas.

many thanks

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by advhccenter on Mon Mar 11, 2024 8:58 am

Re: Allergy to apple juice but not apples

Apple sensitivities can take various structures. Certain individuals with a birch dust sensitivity might foster an apple sensitivity. This is on the grounds that the similitudes of a protein found in apples is connected with a protein in birch that is connected to the sensitivity with birch polle

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