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Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:12 pm
by SJ470813
My two year old son has severe allergies of peanuts, eggs and now sesame, all of which cause anaphylactic shock.

I find myself worrying constantly everywhere we go and with everything we do, and am so concerned about him starting school, although this is a little way off, its constantly on my mind, to the point where I am considering home schooling him. Am I overreacting?!

Would be great to connect with parents who face similar concerns and how best to cope!

Re: Anaphylaxis

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:24 pm
by talkhealth

welcome to the talkhealth forum community, we hope you will be able to meet lots of our friendly members here that can relate to your post and hopefully they will be able to share their experiences and advice and to offer some insight into the path ahead.

It must be a very difficult condition for your child and you both to have to live with and the reality of living with the threat of Anaphylaxis must be a constant worry for you.

Perhaps while you wait to hear back from other members, you may want to take a look at these; ... y.php?c=10

we wish you well and do keep us posted with how you are getting on,



Re: Anaphylaxis

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:34 pm
by mrsdblenk
Hi I have been going through something similar, my daughter had chest infections one after the other since she was a baby ,eventually after being rushed to hospital they confirmed it was a asthma , not long after this my daughter eat a pistachio nut ,which was not the first time , all of a sudden she started to swell in her face ,her throat was closing ,it was her first anaphylactic shock , we called 999 an ambulance came and rushed her to hospital where it took about 10 adrenaline injections to even start to slow the swelling down ,we were there for 6 days . When she was 11 we done the skin prick test as they said to wait till this age as if she was going to grow out of it it will be after this age , we done it and with seconds all 6 nuts had made each prick site swell really bad ,so she is now allergic to peanuts ,almonds ,hazelnut, walnut ,cashew ,and pistachio. I must admit I wasn’t really surprised . But during this time her asthma had been getting worse by the month , so due to this they done an air allergen RAST test which now shows she is allergic to grass , dust mites , pollen ,horses , dogs and cats . She also has a IGE of 2010 which is very rare for a child of her age to have (age13) so I would consider getting this test done they told me the higher it is the more your child is prone to different allergies developing . Also a high level could also mean your child can develop allergy related asthma . My daughter is on epi-pen , 2 inhalers (dark purple and blue) also 5 different tablets (1 of which is a steroid) and she also has an injection every 4 weeks in hospital ( which had to be allowed by the hospital board as it’s not really used for her age and it costs thousands each time)and she still has her bad days ,more than I hoped she would have by now , I hope reading this helps you feel your not alone ,it’s really hard when I first found out I wouldn’t let her go with anyone else unless I showed them how to use the epi-pen , ( you can get a trainer pen online from there site) and I gave a list of the only things I knew where ok to eat ,even then I told them to ask every place they went ,I contacted my local supermarkets and asked for lists of there nut free products , also I contacted nut free manufacturers like kinnerton and they sent my daughter some free chocolate, when she was diagnosed I felt alone they gave me next to no info ,I searched the internet contacted anyone I thought could help ,allergy uk is also good they give a lot of info especially for each stage of there life ( starting school etc) ,please feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you on your journey , it does get easier the more you learn and understand , my daughter learned very quickly what she was allowed to eat and what she couldn’t ,she actually told family a lot ,no I am not allowed that . So they are extremely resourceful and adapt really quick .all the best to you all