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Cate Alexandra
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by Cate Alexandra on Mon Jan 25, 2021 5:17 am

Wholefood supply

Hey, I'm sure you here it all the time but I really don't know how to move forward.
I've spent years with D and vomiting. Doctors telling me it's disordered eating, a choice to over restrict my diet. That I should just eat normally.
I just got sicker and sicker. Chronic pain and fatigue, sleeping away my twenties and the first part of my thirties. Suicidal daily and just fighting through... There will be an answer.

Well last year I spent ten months trial and error and I discovered I was allergic to more than just lactose (diagnosed at 19); turns out I am severly Gluten Intolerant, Soy allergy, Potato allergy, Sulphates and artificial sweeteners intollant.

So the answer is simply to cut these out... Simply HA!

I have contacted nearly twenty wholefood packaging companies, I am searching (without any success) to source in bulk 500-1kg; nuts (macadamia, walnuts, cashew, hazelnuts, brazil). Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, flax). Grains (quinoa, rice) GF porridge oats, GF pasta, cacao powder and dark chocolate drops.
Those which have bothered to reply have come back to explain that their products are all these things free when they arrive and then they handle them, package them on the same line.. and then sell them contaminated.

I have been plantbased vegan for 4 years to manage inflammation, chronic pain and fatigue... But without these products I don't know how I am even supposed to live.
I've lost alot of weight because for the last few months I've been subsiding on rice, courgette and carrots.

Does anyone know of a wholefood company which supplies any of these products without any cross contamination.

I thought working out the allergies was hard. I thought once I knew what they where it was just the challenge of eating slightly differently to resolve the issues but I continued to get the allergy responses due to cross contamination.

So yeah... Any help appreciated because I can't see a way forward or out of this.