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Random cramps

Postby Sarah12 on Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:35 pm

Just a quick question.I have had two D and C's in the past. The second was done by a slightly different method which the gynae thought would reduce discomfort afterwards.The second time round it was more painful and I had severe cramps afterwards like the womb contracting.Even though it is a year later I still can get a random cramp like that which will stop me in my tracks and double me over with pain.They don't happen that oftne and don't seem to have a particular link to my cycle.What is this likely to be??.Thanks.
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Re: Random cramps

Postby Dr James Thompson on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:17 pm

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for posting on the Talk Health forum.

There are other organs in your abdomen/pelvis that could give you a cramping pain and they include the bowel. Does the cramping come with any other symptoms? I would suggest doing a symptom diary for a couple of months (to coincide with at least a couple of your cycles) and take this with you when you see your GP, this will help greatly in seeing if there is a pattern, which might unearth the cause for the cramps.

It may be difficult to manage the cramps especially if the cramps cannot be predicted as to when they come, there are tablets available to manage certain types of cramping but you would have to balance the need to take these tablets everyday in order to try and prevent a cramp that you admit don't happen that often.

I hope that this helps.

Best wishes

Dr James Thompson
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