Rhinitis making me miserable :(

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by equuleus86 on Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:47 am

Rhinitis making me miserable :(

Hi all

Im so miserable and looking for some reassurance that allergies can indeed make you feel as ill as I have, and that it’s not just all in my head.

I’m a newbie here. I’ve had sinus issues ever since I started working with dogs. Recently however, I’ve had what appears to be a really bad flare up. I feel honest to god ILL. I’ve never been to the doctors as much as I have in the last two months. I’ve had pressure in my ears, sinus pressure in my temples and across my forehead, really tight, dry eyes, blocked and runny nose, and just the feeling that my whole head and respiratory system is on fire. Along with this I’ve had gastric disturbances (runny BMs) bloating, gurgling. I can’t seem to sleep past 7am which is very abnormal for me. I feel sick every morning, and sometimes during the day I feel very lightheaded like I might faint. The pressure in my ears can intensify to the point it feels like a ton weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t eat for two weeks I felt so sick. One doc told me it was anxiety and my own doctor examined me thoroughly and diagnosed me with rhinitis and a retracted left ear drum. He put me on Dymista spray, along with a sinusitis spray I was only allowed to take for a week, and Naseptin nose cream for the inflammation. I didn’t feel the cream helped at all, and the Dymista I stuck out for just under two weeks because it’s so nasty. I did feel like I was getting better for a few weeks but last week I just went right back to the start and I feel horrible. I’ve since been back to the docs and he’s put me back on Dymista and referred me to ENT but it feels like it can’t come quick enough. I feel so so alone like everyone keeps telling me not to overthink it but I feel so awful. Can anyone please relate?

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by talkhealth on Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:41 pm

Re: Rhinitis making me miserable :(

Hi there, thank you for sharing on here and you're certainly not alone, allergies can be very uncomfortable to live with and they affect people in many different ways. We're sorry to hear what you're going through and that you haven't had much help from your doctor either, we hope your ENT appointment comes soon but in the meantime, did you know our website can offer allergy support in a number of ways?

We have a dedicated allergy hub where we share articles, videos and more: http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/talkallergy/

Plus, our free online well-being support programme features a topic all about allergies, which has been written by medical experts and offers extra guidance and tips on how to self-manage allergies: http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/psp/wellbeing.php

We also work with a number of allergy charities, including https://actionagainstallergy.org/ who might be able to offer even more support to help your symptoms or simply just to listen if you would like someone to talk to?

We hope this helps and please let us know how you get on at your appointment.

Thanks, the talkhealth team
talkhealth team

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by grindwalter on Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:27 pm

Re: Rhinitis making me miserable :(

I also experienced severe rhinitis before, blocked nose and headaches. but I didn't have fever or anything, went to an ENT and gave me meds for allergies and fluticasone propionate for nasal spray. Had to take everything for 1 month before I was cleared

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