hay fever and rhinitis

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Allergies and Pale Complexion

Postby ryan71717 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:50 am

Hi, ever since I got hit with hayfever chronically, my face is always pale.

It makes a big difference in my appearance, yet, most doctors never pay much mind to it.

They prescribe anti histamines, and nose sprays but it never really does anything for the paleness.

A sun tan or a sun reddening, doesnt really do it, it just makes the face a bit more red while its pale lol

But, I can usually get the doctors to admit the allergies are doing it, but they dont do anything for it, I guess because they dont have anything for it. From what I understand it's not anemia that causes it so iron doesnt work.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do for this?
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