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Level 3 CIN and 6 months after a loop treatment (colposcopy)

Postby ludlow2013 on Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:05 pm

Hi there
Back in July I decided to go for a smear test as my periods were becoming out of sync (heavy, irregular and painful) and at the time the doctor thought it may had been from my implant so he took that out and put me on femulin. I thought I would go for a smear because I knew something wasnt right. I had only been on the implant for a year and a half.

The results came back as mild dyskaryosis. I was then booked in to have a cervical punch biopsy. The nurse did say that with mild levels I probably wouldnt need any treatment as such and then the letter came in the post stating that from the punch biopsy it had come back Level 3 severe. I was then booked in to have a colposcopy (loop treatment) This was back in September.

After this treatment my periods have been ok but the last 2 months (Feb and March) I have noticed that my periods have become irregular (more frequent) and painful again. I asked the doctor what this could be and he said it may be just the new pill femulen but Ive been on this since July, he also said the hospital would now be sending out for me to go for a smear there but I havent heard anything. Would you suggest I contact them and arrange another smear? Is it 6 months anyway?
What are the chances of level 3 coming back? Also Ive read about the HPV Virus how can I be tested for this? I know something isnt right again.
Thank you
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Re: Level 3 CIN and 6 months after a loop treatment (colposc

Postby Dr Amanda Tristram on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:34 pm

It is very unusual for CIN 1,2 or 3 to cause irregular periods, so I suspect the two things are not related. Both treatment for abnormal smears and irregular periods are very common, so quite a lot of people will have both, even though they are not related.
You should be called for a smear 6 months after your treatment - if this was in September, then it should be anytime now. If you have not heard anything by the end of March, it would be sensible to check with your GP or colposcopy clinic.
HPV testing is being brought in routinely at 6 months after treatment, but not everywhere has it up and running yet. It will depend on where you live.
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