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Dr Masud Haq
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by Dr Masud Haq on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:48 am

Re: heartburn

Thank you for your post.

As your symptoms have returned despite a months worth of omeprazole, you should be investigated further. There are a number of causes of persistent reflux / heartburn which include inflammation of the oesophagus or stomach, ulceration or a hiatus hernia. Occasional patients are predisposed if they carry certain bacteria in the stomach (Helicobacter pylori).

I would recommend your GP refers you to a local gastroenterologist with a view to arranging an endoscopy and CLO test which screens you for H.Pylori. This can be effectively treated with a course of antibiotics with an improvement in your symptoms.

Dr Masud Haq
Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology
Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Hospital

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2 posts