IBS on going symptoms

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by riggers05 on Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:21 pm

IBS on going symptoms

Hi I have had bowel problems on and off for 4 years symptoms being sudden urge to go occasional constipation abdominal pains radiating around from the front to my back. I often feel like I need to go even after emptying my bowels . On occasions the stools have mucus. I don't have blood in the stools but after going 3 or 4 times I do sometimes have small amount of bright red blood when I wipe. Previous diagnoses of piles. The worst feeling is constantly wanting to go and after going still having the sensation of going I have had sigmoidoscopy barium enema along with a colonoscopy all came back negative although I did have a very small polyp removed again came back clear. The question I have is does anyone else suffer like this and what do they do to ease the discomfort . I'm not on any special diet and eat almost anything which is probably the wrong thing to do. I have now had a period of almost 14 weeks of intense symptoms and have an appointment for a further sigmoidoscopy to rule out more serious issue. To be honest it is now controlling my life and although I haven't gone sick from work it is affecting my job. Basically any help is greatly appreciated. The last symptom that agin is more embarrassing is constant wind . Basically I've had enough !!!

50 year male no other medical conditions.

Thank you.