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Long term bowel problems

Postby ianfullbrook on Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:44 pm

Hello I am looking for people that have had long term bowel proplems so I can ask what if anything has been done, I have had bowel proplems since I was born i am now 40 I have never been able to pass a stool, I am in huge pain when I need to go it feels like something is stoping it from comeing out, becouse I can't go I am blocked up and get constant leeking my life is run by my bowel I can't go out and do things as I have diareah all the time, thruout my childhood doctors said I would grow out of it ( I know right) I have had all the laxatives and none work except pixalaxe or an enema for two years I was in and out of hospital where they took samples and could not find anything wrong, I can no longer cope without knowing what is wrong with me i surely can't be the only person to have bowel proplems this long, I have had doctors laugh at me when I was on pixalaxe 3 times a day and an enama at the weekends and all they ever want to do is shove things up my ass that are so big you Gould see Jupiter with them or shove enamas up there to be told can't find what's wrong so this is my last hope to find people who have had bowel proplems this long and what was done to them and did it work.
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Re: Long term bowel problems

Postby RUTHIEUK on Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:15 am

my problems have been going on for a long time too though in dfferent ways. 20's and 30's loose and since early 50's constipation! Functional gut motility is the diagnosis...I have to use Movicol to soften stool (17 years) but also try to use diet to help movement. I need to drink at least 2 litres of fluid day also. I try to get a walk every day too. I get a lot of PAINFUL WIND especially at night; means it rules my days. I am nearly 71.
My life is ruled by all this!
Good luck
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