Given meds for IBS and a referral to Haematology

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by Kennedy17 on Fri May 08, 2015 8:04 pm

Given meds for IBS and a referral to Haematology

Hi all

Since November 2014 I have had regular visits to my G.P; my 1st visit I was concerned about my overall health and had numerous general illnesses including night sweats, tiredness, confusion, feeling low, urinating more, change in bowel movements, heart palpitations, amongst other things. The G.P booked me in for some routines bloods and ordered a 24 hour ECG and told me to go back in approx 4 weeks time - had bloods, ECG and went back to see the G.P - still feeling generally off! My white blood cell count was slightly raised and my ECG recorded heart beat missing; G.P was not concerned and then recommended time off work for stress, did some more bloods and told me to come back in 6 weeks time. Went back and my white bloods cells had risen again and nothing was improving; after 2 further blood tests and my last appointment to the G.P I was given some meds for IBS? told to take Vit D tabs as that was low and referred me to Haematology??? Does IBS affect your white blood cells?

Sorry if this is a long question but my appointment is next week and I am slightly worried and confused and feel the G.P made the referral as I was not 100% happy with results and him not really giving me any answers.

Thank you all - Mandy :-D