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Constipation & Laxatives

Postby jklyuooiuyowww on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:05 am

So I have had chronic constipation for 8 years now.I'm 12 and I know I shouldnt be on this site but I'm reallly desperate.I've already talked to my doctor about my problem and how the longest time I havent went to a bathroom for number 2 was a week.She had told me my overuse of laxatives(Phillips' Milk and Magnesium)had made my body dependent on that and how my brain dosent send signels at the right time for my bowels to ive been trying a routine of going to the bathroom after 10-20 min after i eat,taking fiber,eating more fruit and vegetables, but always mess i up how long i go to the bathroom after eating and i end up taking that laxative which I have been dependent on for 9 years(about).And I find it confusing how when i eat and drink what im supposed to and i exercise,when ever i eat something dry(especially bread)i become constipated.Then on some days even if i do eat dry food i can still go ,though ,my bowels are usually hard.How do i prevent these hard bowels,and how can heal my rectum tears?Can you explain why i can eat dry food on some days and still go to the bathroom? :cry: :? :!: :?:
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Re: Constipatin & Laxatives

Postby Justine Greenwood on Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:06 pm

Hello jklyuooiuyowww,

Thank you very much for your post. This must be very worrying and frustrating for you.

I really do feel that the best way to answer your questions is for you to have a discussion with your doctor. With this being a chronic condition they are better placed to give you more advice. Please do make an appointment.

In the meantime, NHS choices has some really useful information all about constipation. See here: ... ction.aspx

Also, whilst you are eating more fibre, I would like to remind you to drink plenty of water. About 8 glasses of water per day will ensure you stay well hydrated.

Justine Greenwood
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