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contipation also left side pain

Postby parkinson on Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:23 pm

hi i have being suffering a lot lately with constipation also terrible pain on the left hand side , the pain begins in my stomach then has reached the left hand side under my ribcage , i have being to see the doctor which i had to place a stool sample in , but has came back fine , the thing is i was slightly overweight a yr ago i was over two stone in weight my b.m.i was over 32 which i understand is classed as obese , well i changed my diet to a healthy diet off fruit & veg nd plenty of water , i was going regular every morning as soon after my breakfast had digested being bran-flakes and i gladly lost the 2 stone and b.m.i successfully went dwn to 27 . Then i went to a barbecue in the 6 weeks holiday i had several drinks off alcohol which i dnt usually drink alcohol as i believed that the alcohol was unhealthy , so anyway after the BBQ i returned home the nxt day and i felt very fatigued , which i thought was just the hangover as i believed i was suffering more as i didnt drink no more . After a couple ov days the pain was horrendous i was bloated the gas in my tummy was hurting causing me stomach cramps nd severe knotting , i also felt like i had being winded , punched under my rib-cage , as i predded my stomache i could feel the stools o the left hand side underneath my rib-cage . i sought relief from paracetamol & ibuprofen also raniterdine , i finally got an appoint with my doctor the following day , and as i explained to him my symptoms he gave me movicol also busapan for the stomach cramps , After i placed a stool sample i telephoned the reception to ask about my results which came back no infection , everything was fine , this pain was awful , i was also scared as i was unaware of this problem . I have being given Lansoprazole to help with the thumping underneath my rib cage which apparently is indigestion . I have to go for an appointment to go for an ultrasound on my stomach next week , I go for bowel movements now by taking lactose along with suppositories av stopped excising due to the pain and being eating porridge now , an u help me understand what this could be ?
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