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very bad wind & bloating

Postby olwen669 on Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:22 pm

I am new to this forum ;) & am here as my partner suffers from very bad bloated/distended stomach, wind & can goes to the loo on average 8 times a day, most of the time its "the runs" :oops: sometimes "solid" :o which is painful for him due to outside piles & I can hear him crying with pain sometimes :cry: which is why I am here.
He wont go to his doctor & I suffered with bad IBS in the past but not for a few years now, I recognised the symptons straightaway & this maybe be cheeky but I was due to my Drs as am off sick at the moment with depression :cry: so while there asked for some Colafac.
He took 2 a day for 2 months, I noticed he was alot better, even his stomach wasn't as bloated & there has been less crying in the toilet :P
He has run out of them now & I was wondering if there is anything else we can try as he still won't go to his doctors, I know I can buy Colafac over the counter, but I can't afford this being on longterm sick.
So that's why I am here & would love to hear some suggestions & any advice available :idea: :idea: :idea: is greatly appreciated. :P
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