Healthy ready meals?

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by ChrisofCabra on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:34 pm

Re: Healthy ready meals?

SummerSun wrote:Thank you for your response :)

I currently can only have shopping once a week and order online which is why I have been relying on frozen food and ready meals.
I'm with you on a weekly shop, delivered, and in not wanting food preparation to take up more than is absolutely necessary out of a very limited energy budget.

In summer salads are a help.
A wrap, or lightly-toasted pitta bread split and filled with green salad +??? works well, for low effort, for me.
For winter, baked spuds are a regular standby. For the other sort of energy economy I tend to do an oven-full at one go ( decent skins) and chill or freeze them.

Microwave for steamed veg and rice, as well as ready-meals, and I've recently acquired a small halogen cooker which adds some extra choices for easy cooking for one.
(OK, it was bought as much for baking polymer clay, a new low-impact hobby, which it does very well.)

Regards, Chris.

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