Would you recommend trying Hydroxychloroquine?

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by Janancee on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:48 am

Re: Would you recommend trying Hydroxychloroquine?

Hi Sarah,
was somewhat surprised to see chloroquine mentioned in relation to M.E. I have been ill with M.E. for 14 years, but only recently diagnosed. For many years my diagnosis was "possible M.S.". Several years ago before my condition deteriorated to its present level, I took an over the counter drug, Avloclor, to protect against malaria on holiday. It contained chloroquine .The effect on my M.E. was quite dramatic - a huge improvement. I discussed this at the time with my GP and my neurologist. Avloclor contains chloroquine in the form chloroquine phosphate. This is quite toxic if taken long term. Hydroxychloroquine, which is only available on prescription, is safer, but not without risks as you know. My doctors were not willing to prescribe hydroxychloroquine because there was no evidence that it was helpful for M.S.
I did experience some side effects - a tickly cough and chest wheeziness - almost like an allergic reaction, but that may be just me. In terms of my M.E. symptoms I felt SO much better and was really disappointed when doctors refused to help explore how beneficial this drug may be for me. I think it is certainly worth a try - Good Luck!
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