shaking episodes/heart issue in M.E?

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by 2007MCG12 on Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:42 pm

shaking episodes/heart issue in M.E?

Hi there,

I have an issue that I was wondering if any others are experiencing or if anyone has an explanation for? It is a bit of a mystery to any doctor I have seen in this area, and often the answer is that is simply another symptom there is no answer for that must just be related to my M.E.

With no trigger identified, I wake up in the middle of night or early morning feeling extremely faint and weak (well, more weak than usual...!) my breathing is very shallow and heart rate of approx 59bpm. I also experience pain in my chest . Within a matter of minutes my heart rate jumps (for example on last occasion approx 168bpm) and continually races. My whole body starts to shake uncontrollably and my feet and hands are very cold, my circulation in my legs obviously changes too as my lower legs/feet become purple in colour and sore.and my muscles continually contract. The shaking is very severe, it is not a minor tremor, it is my whole body and a vigorous shake. I am fully conscious but find it difficult to think clearly, which is probably due to my body being in such a strange state I would imagine.
This happened once or twice every month over a year and then stopped completely which I presumed was because I was slightly stronger by this point in my illness, however recently, out of the blue when I have been at the best consistently that I have been for 2 years , it occurred again.
On a couple of these occasions as my heart rate was so high, my husband telephoned for help. Paramedics have attended at these times and find my heart rate high and BP low.
These episodes tend to last for 2-3 hours with everything settling eventually but no medication is administered, it settles of its own accord. Often when arriving at hospital with paramedics, the episode has ended and therefore nothing is found other than a higher than normal heart rate (approx 120bpm) and general weakness, all neurological /full body examinations are completed and no abnormalities found.
After this all occurs, I am then left with an increase in all my M.E symptoms for a long period of time after and I am completely wiped from it all. My pain in my legs also increase.

We are absolutely at a loss as to the cause or trigger as well as why such symptoms would occur in the first place. No advice or suggestion from GP or doctors at A and E, only one has suggested possible SVT? I recently had a heart rate monitor for 5 days, many ectopic beats were found and runs of them together which my GP says is unusual, but other than taking a beta blocker each day, there is not much else I can do. My heart rate quite often jumps even at rest to above 145 bpm and the rhythm changes which feels very strange. Is this something that should be further investigated? At the time I had the monitor on, I did not experience these palpitations therefore nothing was picked up. I understand that no serious outcome has resulted from these episodes, but they have a huge impact on my symptoms after and it is obviously painful to have to go through it.

I am well aware on the importance of not focusing on symptoms too much, and how senses are often heightened in those with M.E and other chronic conditions, however I feel I know my body well and it does not feel natural for this to happen so regularly. It is quite frightening when the shaking episodes occur and having such a fast heart rate and pain in the chest naturally causes you to be concerned, however I always try to stay calm as possible as I know beginning to panic will only cause increase in symptoms, yet this is not always easy.

If anyone can shed any light, give any advice or is experiencing similar symptoms I would really appreciate comment. Thanks

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