Blood pressure and ME

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by livingpositively on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:06 am

Blood pressure and ME

Thank you for this rare opportunity to get knowledgeable advice on ME.
I have had ME for over 10 years and am currently mostly limited to two rooms on the 1st floor.
I have been on medication for hypertension for a few years, but wonder how much is due to the stress of getting to the surgery. I need a routine blood pressure check ( meant to be via the machine at the surgery, but I find it difficult to stand while it does all its height/ weight etc), but I either need someone with me to push my wheelchair ( husband works) or I have to struggle to downstairs, then drive, then walk, which I feel will put my blood pressure up. I have been putting it off as I was not so well and family matters ( exams, children with health issues) have taken priority and, to be honest, part of me wonders how useful a measurement it will be for an awful lot of effort.
I have read on the Internet about blood pressure related to ME and wondered how much was true.

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Dr Charles Shepherd
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by Dr Charles Shepherd on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:32 am

Re: Blood pressure and ME

Hypertension (= high blood pressure) is quite a common diagnosis in the adult population - so some people with ME/CFS will also have high blood pressure.

But there isn't any link between high blood pressure and ME/CFS

On the other hand, some people with ME/CFS have problems with low blood pressure (= hypotension)

This can cause problems when moving from lying to standing (= postural hypotension) or when standing upright for long periods (= orthostatic intolerance leading to nausea, feeling dizzy or faint).

Low blood pressure and ME, including the management of orthostatic intolerance, is covered in more detail in the MEA purple booklet

MEA website and pdf literature form:
Dr Charles Shepherd
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