Amazing last! :)

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by jojohaz73 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:56 am

Amazing last! :)

Hi, I really couldn't wait to share my news, with the hope of other people benefiting too.

My mum has suffered with psoriasis for many years, but since having bowel cancer (for which she is thankfully now cured) her psoriasis had worsened, so she has spent the last few years back and forth to the doctors, dermatology units and chemists, trying every lotion, potion and shampoo available...none of which have fact most have made it worse.

Mum has been feeling very low as the psoriasis was mostly on her scalp and in her ears, so I made it my mission to find something to cure her.

I recently came across Aloe Gelly/Propolis cream, which are natural Aloe products. Mum tried the gelly, and even within the first few hours she noticed the areas were softer to touch, and within a few days the results were remarkable. For this reason I hope that this post will be of benefit to someone else.

I understand that this will not work for everyone, but if it works for someone, that would be amazing! :)