problems after childbirth

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by tinydancer on Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:21 am

problems after childbirth

I had my son im August. During the birth his heart stopped as cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. Because of this they used forceps and pulled him out. They damaged me quite badly. Ripped my labia. They sewed me up but I still have a large rip. Also I have noticed that I have rectocele (rectum protrudes in vagina) and also my upper vaginal wall almost protrudes a lot of the time. I am living in America and moving back home to England in June. Healthcare is expensive here. I was wondering if I can wait to have this fixed until I get home or if it is serious enough to spend all the money to see a gynocologist here? ? Sorry for the graphic discription

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by Mr Stelios Doumouchtsis on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:43 am

Re: problems after childbirth

These are not uncommon problems after vaginal childbirth.

It is non urgent to have surgery and actually it is best to wait for several months after childbirth before considering surgery (as long as you have no difficulties in emptying your bladder and bowels, in which case there are also conservative treatments until the tissues have recovered to pre pregnancy status).
Pelvic floor physiotherapy in the interim may help with symptoms.

I hope all goes well and I am happy to offer further advice.
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