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Cracking, blistering and bleeding fingers

Postby Beautiful_Vancouver on Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:02 pm


New to the forum but I am a long time sufferer of eczema.
I am in my late 30s, asian male.
Had it off and on in my early 20s but never invesitgated it because it went away. In my late 20s it came back and never left.
I have had it in many different places, it migrates here and there.
It has travelled: below my nose/above my lip, behind my ears-it was cracking/bleeding where the lobe joins to the jaw, genitals, ankles-it left ugly splotchy scars on both of my legs, up side of my elbows, wrists, back of my neck, and now it has been affecting my fingers for the past 3-4 years.

My Dr prescribed Ratio-clobetasol 0.05%, it seemed to work quite a few years ago but then wasnt effective anymore so I stopped using everything at that time. It has been about a year now that I have not tried anything new.

I get these small size blisters that start to form under the skin of my fingertips and recently it has been moving into my palm areas, the blisters multiply and join to form larger blisters and then the either burst or dry up and crack. Either way it turns into a non stop nightmare or pussing, peeling, cracking, bleeding, pain, lots of bandaids, lots of dropping things like my iphone, cant pick up things, wipe myself, brush my teeth....OMG the list goes on and on.

When one finger finally heals, it may show up immediately or have already started on another finger or it starts right up again on the new freshly healed finger a few millimeters away or into the fold of my thumb to palm. This is where it is at right now on both hands. No sign of it taking a much desired holiday.

Looking for suggestions and new methods to ease my suffering....

If anyone is interested to see it, I have been taking photos of it and can post them here.
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