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Re: How to beat acne

Postby linda morgan on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:29 pm

you can beat acne with a lot of ways but of my experience, i suggested to do natural remedies to treat your acne because it is very safe and not expensive.
there are many remedies that can help contain the damage: :
Lemon Juice
Aloe Vera
Vitamin E
Sandalwood water
Cinnamon face pack
you can check this article to see how to use any remedies and the time to apply . ... naturally/
linda morgan
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Re: How to beat acne

Postby Bunnykins83 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:48 pm

Although I agree that a healthy lifestyle helps with any medical condition, I take exception to those who seem to think its just a case of following the right diet, etc to cure this condition. I had acne for about 20 years from the age of 14 and yes, my diet and stressful lifestyle didn't help ( I was dealing with the effects of an abusive childhood) but if that is the full story why did members of my peer group who did not have a good diet, have perfect skin?

I was on antibiotics for years, used lotions that stripped my skin and even used a sun lamp (this was the 1970s) but to no avail. The only thing that cured my acne was Roaccutane and I thank god for it!! My son and daughter have also taken if for their severe acne and they swear by it. No-one wants to take a strong medication but if it changes someone's life for the better, then I'm all for it. I have suffered from depression throughout my life but it didn't get any worse when I took Roaccutane, my mood improved as my skin improved.

I do have one consolation. I am now 61 and people can't believe my age!! Hope you all find some help for the conditon. At least there is more awareness now of the psychological effects this skin condition has and the internet is a great resource for anyone who needs support.
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