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Re: Suffer with Acne? Can you answer some questions for us?

Postby David147 on Fri Mar 20, 2015 5:56 am

For your acne try this: Wash your face with JOHNSON'S BABY SHAMPOO. Make up this mixture 2 tablespoon of white table salt, 3 tablespoon of regular oatmeal. scrub your face in a circular motion start from the forehead to the temples, go to the cheek bones,around the nose, upper lip,chin, under the chin, rinse face off in cold water.Your face will burn but that is okay.Next step, pat dry with a paper towel not a wash cloth.Get some white vinegar pour it on a cotton ball wipe over your face to get a clean feel. (oh! it will stick so wash it off with cold water) Never use the same wash cloth you wash your body with,you are transferring germs. Next step, purchase a tube of A&D ointment cream, rub on your face till all rubbed in. Your face may be red but it will ease away the pain and the redness. Do this once a week.But wash your face in baby shampoo everyday and for your astringent purchase a bottle of Listerne (brown) pat it on your face. Use that after you pat dry your face and before you put on the A&D Ointment. This will take a month for your face to accept the changes. Pretty face pretty soon (smile) looking good my friend. Drink water and lay off the soda. Your kidneys will Thank YOu.
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Re: Suffer with Acne? Can you answer some questions for us?

Postby ammykaye on Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:42 pm

Thanks i would try this.I also have acne from many many years and thank God its controlled now. With medicines you need to take care of your eating habits and take care of your cleanliness. I had this issue that i used to take medicines and face washes, acne used to stop for a few days but come back after few days even though I was taking medicines and stuff the my mistake was that i used to change my pillow covers very less often, as i am so lazy lol millions of bacterias and germs used to attack me evry night while i sleep. So change your pillow covers once or twice a week. I get disposable pillow covers from this website These ones are actually disposable so super easy! They also have product in them that improves the condition of your skin whilst you sleep I hope this will help you.
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