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Coping with depression

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:19 pm
by nanny54321
Hi Everyone
Depression is so common with most serious conditions that I thought it may be beneficial to talk about it There is nothing to be ashamed of in admitting you are feeling low. I can go through terrible bouts where I feel totally lost , and it takes a lot of effort and energy to pull myself through . If you have COPD it is very likely you can relate to this.
Being such a big topic , I thought we could break it down into sections to discuss and help each other. Just knowing you are not on your own with depression can help massively .
Firstly I would like to ask how you manage Christmas .It can be difficult to cope with shopping for presents ( especially when the shops are so busy with endless queues at the till). Also it can be overwhelming when children and grandchildren are bouncing up and down with excitement asking for everything they see in the shops , on TV etc..Some may have financial problems and don't know where all the money is to come from for gifts. You may be thinking of a loved one you have lost, or just generally feel lonely and isolated coping with COPD 24/7. and just don't feel you have the energy to face the festivities. Share your feelings on this forum and talk to others about your issues or theirs. Let's face Christmas positively and together. Take a deep breath and go for it. We may even be able to share a funny tale or two to keep us smiling.

Re: Coping with depression

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:00 am
by talkhealth
Thank you, Mandy. This is a great post and I am sure it bring up many helpful suggestions for all year round in addition to the extra support needed at Christmas.

Please add to the thread if you have anything to share about how you cope with depression and COPD.