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The nebulizer and ISO Alcohol

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:44 pm
by c0nfitty
Hey guys first time in this forum and I have multiple questions so sorry in advance if I'm unclear.

My three year old daughter has a respiratory infection, its gotten progressively worse so we took her to the doctor 3 days ago. Doc said "she has a sever respiratory infection that has induced an 'asthma episode' . " I'm not the child's bio-dad so this is the best description I would get from mom.(I'm not allowed to be in the room during doctor visits) They prescribed prednisolone sod phos 15/5 along with albuterol. They said to use the albuterol with a nebulizer every four hours for 48 hours.

We live with the in-laws and grandpa has COPD (he takes albuterol with a nebulizer as well)Sorry if this is too much info I just want to get some real answers. Mom decided to decline the nebulizer the doctor offered us, the baby can use the existing machine in the home she said.

Because the baby and grandpa were sharing a nebulizer(separate mask and tube) I had to move the machine from room to room. I noticed that grandpa's mask had the strong odor of rubbing(isopropyl) alcohol. I'm not doctor but I did have a 'wtf' moment, but then dismissed it because... Because that just sounds crazy.

Come to find out that grandpa has indeed been using isopropyl alcohol with his nebulizer instead of albuterol. WTF!? From what i have been told he's near the final stages of COPD, and as time goes on his situation only becomes more grim. I've googled the shit out of this and can't really find any info for this kind of issue. My first question is;

(1)this is terrible for grandpa right!? and is actually inhaling it through the nebulizer any worse than normal IPA poisoning? I.e. drinking or inhaling fumes.

Obviously this is bad but I feel like the situation could be even more grim because of the way he's ingesting the alcohol.

My next question is about the actual nebulizer box, or device.

(2) is the nebulizer device safe for our little girl to use as long was we switch to a mask and tube that havent been used with iso alcohol? Has the nebulizer box been contaminated?

Atm I'm not 100% sure if this is intentional self harm or unintentional but I'm going to make some huge changes. Please get back to me with any information asap.