Chronic Bronchitis?

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by jt1981uk on Fri May 08, 2020 3:27 am

Chronic Bronchitis?

Hello. I just wondered if anyone would be kind enough to see if they think my symptoms seem consistent with chronic bronchitis or rather just a pesky cough. Not sure if to speak to my GP or not.

I am a slim, 38 year old male, non-smoker. I have recurring IBS and GERD.

Over the last 4 or so years, I have become quite susceptible to upper viral respiratory infections, the symptoms which seem to last for months. It is mostly a throaty cough with phlegm emanating from behind the nose. My throat gets very tickly/itchy too at times and causes me to cough hard, to scratch the itch/irritation in my throat. In 2017 the cough did seem to creep lower into my chest with an intermittent cough that would bring up small amounts of clear “tacky” mucus. The next time I had something similar in 2018, I had a few days where I felt unusually short of breath when walking up the few flights of stairs to my flat.

This year’s bout is 7 weeks on from initial cold symptoms, and I’m still coughing from phlegm (mostly throaty) and whilst I’m not ever feeling short of breath, sometimes immediately following a deep intake of breath, I’ll get a gurgling/movement sensation in my chest. Almost like a sensation of lungs filling with liquid. It doesn’t cause issues or happen all the time, maybe a couple of times a day.

Besides these (recognisably mild) symptoms that keep coming back each year, my lungs generally feel ok and I’m not struggling to breathe or ever incapacitated. I am able to exercise without issues. It’s mostly just annoying and keeps my flat mate awake some nights when I’m coughing to clear my throat.

Anyway, maybe I am just suffering from recurring pesky cold/flu. But with Covid going around, I wanted to see if chronic bronchitis was a likelihood and perhaps I should be more cautious and careful with isolating.

Thank you to anyone willing to read this post :)