Help fòr my mother.

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by Lindsay1981 on Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:25 pm

Help fòr my mother.


My Mum has been battling with an addiction for the last 10 years never wanting to seek help. This year things got really bad and I intervened and spoke to her bosses at work about the problem. They tried to help her with private healthcare and counselling and we all thought she was doing much better. She's had a major relapse this weekend and it turns out she has not attended any appointments. She now finally says she wants to get help and go into rehab ( this May be an option through work healthcare). She said she'll go to the doctors tomorrow? My brother can go with her. And I'm letting her boss know about the relapse. She has been before to the GP before and been referred to the hospital but she never follows it up.

What help is out there for her? Is rehab available through the NHS? Any advice would be appreciated.

I've tried everything and the stress and worry it's really starting to have an effect on mine and my younger siblings well being. I don't live at home bad it pains me to think of them at home having to deal with her on a daily basis. They are 19 & 20.

Thank you.

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by saraht on Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:18 pm

Re: Help fòr my mother.

This must be a huge worry for you all, and I do hope that your Mum has followed through with her appointment this morning.

In my experience if the organization she works for can offer private care, she will be referred much more quickly than via the NHS, waiting times are lengthy, and if your Mum wants to take action now speed is of the essence, before she changes her mind. It may be possible for a home detox depending on what her surgery can offer, and perhaps her GP will be able to help her and your siblings with that option.
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