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Re: Best Acne Treatment I've Ever Used

Postby MilliePujals on Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:40 am

Just try to use dermalmd blemish serum works within a day or two for eliminating a bad pimple, and within a few hours it'll take the redness and swelling away. I've been using this serum for years (I don't tend to have many pimples, but every one month I get one or two) and it's always worked well for me!
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Re: Best Acne Treatment I've Ever Used

Postby wjmdjjjj on Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:33 am

I love my facial cleansing brush so much!! In addition to a facial mask, I use a facial brush every night when I wash my face. Soft silicone on the facial cleansing brush, no irritation to the skin, can be used with a cleanser in a good combination. You just have to take it and slide it back and forth across your face to create a lot of foam. Both convenient and fun, free your hands. The best part of this facial brush is that it has LED skin care mode. Red, yellow and blue lights correspond to different wavelengths and have different effects. This is great! It also features a waterproof and wireless charging base.
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Re: Best Acne Treatment I've Ever Used

Postby myskin2018 on Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:43 pm

Aspirin mask is amazing but it's strong, so I can only use it occasionally. For regular use or if I've extracted my face, I've been using Stylefox Anti-Redness Calming mask. It has a ton of great ingredients for clearing acne while calming the skin like sulfur, bentonite, zinc , aloe, chamomile.

Other than I just cleanse and spot treat. I've realized that doing too much to my skin makes it worse! I think when it comes to skincare less is more. :D
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Re: Best Acne Treatment I've Ever Used

Postby zsacream on Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:39 am

I used Proactiv Plus treatment, in that 3 different ingredient - deep cleansing face wash, daily oil control moisturizer and adapalene gel. After use of these i get my acne free skin back.
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Re: Best Acne Treatment I've Ever Used

Postby saleem000 on Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:51 am

Acne is a common finding in young and adults alike. This skin condition has a number of reasons ranging from hormonal changes to allergies. Some women suffer from acne during pregnancy. For many people, acne is just a phase that passes away without any serious trouble. But for some people, it becomes a lifelong problem especially if it leaves deep scars and unpleasant looking marks on the skin. Proper consultation with a skin specialist at the beginning of this issue might be helpful to avoid scars and worsening of skin condition.
Here we are sharing some home remedies that can aid you in the quest of getting rid of acne scars and marks.
Lemon Juice:
Lemons are nature’s wonder. These have so many benefits for body and skin as well. The acidic nature of lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent for skin. It helps in lightening marks and making skin brighter. It is easily available and even easy to use. Just be careful to avoid sun exposure after its application. Even hours after if you need to step out in sun cover your face with sunscreen.
If you happen to have sensitive skin don’t apply lemon juice directly. Always dilute it with rosewater.
This golden syrup is brimming with natural goodness. It has many benefits for the skin. Dermatologists recommend making its use a part of your skincare routine. It also comes to rescue when you have acne scars and marks. Apply honey on skin marks, leave overnight and wash off.
You can also use it in combination with cinnamon powder or oatmeal. Apply the mixture wait for it to get dried. gently exfoliate with damp hands, scrub and wash off.
Aloe Vera:
It is a natural herb with plentiful benefits. It helps in soothing irritated acne skin. Aloe vera also promotes healing and regeneration of damaged skin. Use the gel-like substance obtained from the plant directly. Avoid use of over the counter versions of aloe vera gel.

Olive Oil:
It can be safely declared as the best friend of your skin. This oil has vitamin A, B, C, D and E. It also contains antioxidants. Its powerful chemistry helps it to clear out acne scars and marks. You can apply it overnight. Many people with flawless skin have olive oil as a staple in their nighttime skincare regime.
Baking Soda:
Yet another safe ingredient to use for getting rid of acne scars. Just mix it with a small quantity of water and apply on the skin. Leave for a while and remove by gently exfoliating with fingertips. It has the ability to remove the dead skin layer and lightens marks as well.
Potatoes if applied raw and with continuity can do wonders in acne scars removal. Cut a slice of potato and gently rub it on the skin in circular strokes. Doing this message 3-4 times per week and continuing this for 1-2 months guarantees awesome results.
Raw Tomatoes:
Tomatoes also have antioxidants and can be used for acne scar removal. Take red ripe tomatoes and crush these to make pulp. Apply this to skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water.
All these natural ingredients have great potential to help in skin rejuvenation and scar removal. But remember these are all natural and need more time to show results as compared to concentrated chemical products. So be patient and trust nature until you get the desired results.
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